Portable power quality analyzers


How does power quality affect you? Why do light bulbs fail and why do computers make trouble? What are the consequences of mass implementation of low energy lightbulbs?
If you measure the actual power quality with our portable power quality analyzers, you can detect the sources of various disturbances and find out how your power network is doing.

Portable power quality analyzers – Unilyzer


Power Network Analyser Unilyzer 900

Unilyzer 900 is designed for electric power distribution companies to investigate customer complaints but it can be used by anyone wanting to troubleshoot problems or to do optimisations in the power network.


Power Network Analyser Unilyzer 900c

Unilyzer 900c is the little brother to our unique portable instrument Unilyzer 900. Unilyzer 900c is a cost effective alternative for those who do not measure on a continuous basis or who need a larger amount of instruments. The instrument complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class S. Like its big brother, the 900c has integrated Wi-Fi and IP65 rating to withstand rough environments.

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