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Unipower has received Outstanding Performer Award

Sdiptech group continues to grow and today includes 35 European

Regional training in Zambia in October

We are going to have a regional training in Zambia in October.

Next international training session August 22 – 26

We have a planned training at the end of August. It will take

First post-COVID training session

It has been two years since we, the Unipower team, and our

Unipower featured in OEM Electronics customer magazine

Unipower has been featured in OEM Electronics latest customer

Trademark “PQ Secure” protected for another ten years

Our registered trademark PQ Secure has been extended for 10

P and Q in Sag/Swell evaluation – PQ Secure News 2022

In the Sag/Swell graphs we have added functionality for

Encryption of client traffic – PQ Secure News 2022

Unipower is actively working on improving the security in the

Unipower and Eneryield offer machine learning based prediction of faults

Through a collaboration with the university spin out Eneryield,

Continuous Scan in PQ Secure extended to six months

The 2022 edition of PQ Secure is extending the continuous

Unipower is recruiting a power quality engineer

Unipower is recruiting a new power quality engineer for our

Reactor shutdown NPP Ringhals

On December 29, reactor 3 at the Swedish nuclear power plant

Log4J vulnerability – Unipower products are not affected

Log4J vulnerability – does it represent any risk for your

Season’s Greetings

Dear customers and partners, we wish you a Merry Christmas and

Upcoming workshop in Oman – December 12-16

The Workshop will take place from 12th to 16th Of December 2021

Training sessions held in Bahrain

Several large training workshop sessions were recently held

E-Totaal writes about PQ and Unipower UP-2210

In the latest edition of E-Totaal, a Dutch technical magazine,

Key customer benefits – Unipower in a nutshell

Here is a brief summary of the key benefits to our customers.

Unipower AB receives AAA rating

Unipower AB has again received the Triple A (AAA) distinction

PQ Secure Web – PQ Secure News 2021

PQ Secure Web is part of our Enterprise solution. In the 2021

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