Service and Support

If you need help handling your Unipower instruments or to interpret measurement results, we are here to help you. Unipower offers Support and Service Agreements. Contact your local representative or one of our Power Quality Experts directly to learn more.

If you have a problem with your Unipower equipment, contact your local representative for advice.

Service Agreement

To continue keeping your Unipower equipment up to date with the current Power Quality norms and standards we recommend a Service Agreement with regular updates of software. Contact your local representative or us directly to learn more.

Installation Manuals

Here you can download our latest installation manuals (pdf documents):

UP-2210 Hardware Installation and configuration manual

UP-2210R Hardware Installation and configuration manual

For meters purchased before 2018 download this installation manual: click here (pdf document, 3 MB).

Unipower Cloud and Hosting Service

For clients subscribing to the Unipower Cloud and Hosting Service: Upload your measurement file (.upm) on PQSecureWeb or activate Unipower SmartCom (yearly subscription) for automatic upload to the PQ Secure database. The uploaded data will be made available in PQ Secure Cloud for analysis and report generation instantly. The Unipower Cloud and Hosting Service provides a solution when time or availability limit the user to install or operate their own SQL server, and shared access to the PQ data within the organisation is required. Unipower operates and stores all the PQ data and provides the organisation with log-in and password.

Support Sessions

If you have an ongoing Support Agreement with us and are asked to start TeamViewer, please visit this link: Unipower remote Quick Support. Our engineers will help you.

YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube channel to view our instruction videos: Unipower on YouTube

Terje Thornqvist – Engineer
Technical Support

Hozar Ahmed
Hozar Ahmed – Engineer
Technical Support

Linus Krantz - Engineer Technical Support
Linus Krantz – Engineer
Technical Support

Johan Adolfsson – Engineer
Technical Support Manager

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