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Unipower AB – Your PQ Partner!

Unipower AB offers a wide range of products for Power Quality measurements and Smart Grid systems.

Originating from a Swedish ABB company in the mid 80’s, Unipower has developed a competitive edge within the field of Power Quality and Smart-Grid solutions. We focus on norm compliance equipment, with a special focus on the requirements for power generation, transmission and distribution.

Our product lines reach from traditional portable PQ analysers to fully integrated and automated Power Quality Management systems for continuous supervision of the energy supply.

Our products are robust and user-friendly and enthusiastically received the world over. Unipower leads the market in Scandinavia and is present in more than 80 countries around the globe.

Since 2016, we are part of Sdiptech AB. Sdiptech is a Swedish technology group focusing on infrastructure that acquires and develops companies with a focus on creating more sustainable, efficient and safe societies. In total, we have sales of approximately SEK 1,000 million and Sdiptech is listed on First North. Read more about Sdiptech AB.

Welcome to the Unipower family!

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