Active work with immunity levels at LKAB

Unplanned downtime at mining giant LKAB can cost tens of millions of EUR annually. Unipower and LKAB have closely worked together since 2007, with the PQ Secure power quality system collecting measurement data from strategic points at the Kiruna, Gällivare and Svappavaara production facilities. Thanks to active documentation of the disturbance statistics it is possible to understand how grid disturbances affect production. These insights then form the basis for the right investments and measures to eliminate costly production disturbances.

LKAB is a very exciting customer that is making huge investments for continued profitable mining. In addition to relocating two cities (Kiruna and Gällivare), it is investing 40 billion EUR to become completely fossil-free by 2040. Click on the link if you want to read more about the investment in fossil free steel.

LKAB is also a world leader in rail transport, where iron ore is transported by rail both under and above ground. The Port of Narvik in Norway is LKAB’s largest port and has a capacity of almost 30 million tonnes per year. The ore port in Luleå has a capacity of 6 million tonnes per year and an expansion of capacity, to 8 million tonnes per year, is underway. LKAB currently has 17 IORE locomotives in operation. The locomotives are designed for extremely heavy train transport and with a tractive effort of 1,200 kilonewtons they are the world’s strongest locomotives. These trains also generate their own energy when they brake.

Contact Mats Rutgersson for more information.

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