Continuous Scan and PMU – Two highlights in 2021 product news

This year we have a major product launch that we believe will attract a lot of interest and deliver excellent customer value.

Memory compression has always been a cornerstone in our philosophy and made it possible to effectively manage huge amounts of PQ data over decades. However sometimes for troubleshooting purposes it is of interest to pinpoint network events both in waveform detail and with high time resolution.

We have therefore integrated a memory efficient Continuous Scan module that in parallel with the normal PQ analysis is storing Waveform data with a resolution up to 1024 samples/cycle for at least 3 months. In addition to that a PMU functionality enabling Phasor measurements with high resolution is integrated in this module.

Unique features in short:

  • 3 months of continuous Waveform data
  • Resolution up to 1024 s/c
  • Simultaneous and parallel Normative and Continuous Waveform Capture
  • Only instrument in the world capable of simultaneous recording
  • Integrated PMU function

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