November 2020


Ebrahim is breaking new ground with machine learning methods for power quality analysis

Unipower is offering a new product together with the startup Eneryield – an analytics report which automates the process of finding root-causes of power quality disturbances. The underlying technology builds on research made by Ebrahim Balouji (Ph.D Electrical Engineering) and Karl Bäckström (Ph.D.c Computer Science) at Chalmers University of Technology. Ebrahim has eight years of experience within data mining of

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Prevention of faults in the electricity grid with the help of PQ Secure

PQ Secure is often used as a tool to investigate serious incidents in the electricity grid. Alarm functions in the system also make it possible to detect and rectify faults at an early stage. Here is a recent example from one of our customers. PQ Secure alerts about recurring faults in the network where the automatic function for earth fault

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