Unipower participated in Nordic Utility Days, South Africa

The Nordic Utility Days, a specialised Nordic event encompassing the water and energy value chain, made its second appearance in Cape Town, South Africa on May 14 to 16. The conference was attended by over 30 leading Nordic companies and ministerial delegations. Sweden was represented by Niklas Johansson, State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Trade.

Unipower’s Russom Kebedom was present at the event to strengthen partnerships in Sub-Saharan African energy markets. He also participated in panel discussions regarding “Smart cities and why the Nordics are leading”.

The Nordic countries have been considered one of the most successful energy markets in the world. During South African Energy Minister Radebe’s opening address at the Nordic business breakfast, he emphasised that “Nordic countries can assist African markets combat challenges in energy poverty, modernise ICT solutions, create employment and generate investments”.

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Source: The Nordic Utility Days

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