October 2019


Unipower visited Rwanda, Botswana and Namibia

Earlier this month Unipower’s Russom Kebedom visited Rwanda. He participated in a business delegation trip that comprised nine Swedish companies working with sustainable solutions. It was organized by the SSACC, Sweden Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce. The theme was ”Green Cities and Sustainable Solutions”. The programme included business seminars as well as individual B2B meetings and company visits. Rwanda, Sweden

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Unipower PQ Workshop welcomed participants from the Middle East and Africa

During the last week of September Unipower arranged an extensive power quality workshop. It was held at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and at the Unipower offices in Alingsås. The majority of participants came from countries in the Middle East and Africa. The course covered topics such as power quality disturbances, power quality costs, power quality monitoring, and power

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