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What is power quality?

The quality is assessed based on a number of parameters (occurrence of disturbances) that you measure the power grid. The most common parameters are voltage swells, voltage increases, harmonics, frequency variations, transients, unbalance, flicker and rapid voltage changes.

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Why should you measure power quality?

There are various causes of power quality disturbances. To effectively correct and prevent disturbances and malfunctions, it is essential that you know the situation. By measuring and presenting data in a transparent way you get the proper basis for making correct decisions.

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PQ Management System

The PQ Secure system for monitoring of power quality and disturbances in the power network is top of the line in the market. PQ Secure is totally flexible when it comes to the number of measuring devices connected to the system.

Portable PQ analyzers

How does power quality affect you? If you measure the actual power quality with our portable power quality analyzers, you can detect the sources of various disturbances and find out how your power network is doing.

Choosing the right equipment

In order to effectively detect and explain the disturbances and phenomena in the grid, the choice of equipment is crucial. There is a wide range of power quality solutions designed for this purpose.

Service and support

If you need help handling your Unipower instruments or to interpret measurement results, we are here to help you. We also offer a YouTube channel with instruction videos.

World Class Color Screen

Thanks to its compact size, the Unilyzer 900/900c fits in small electrical cabinets. If you use the meter together with a Wifi connected color touch-screen giving remote access, you have the best solution ever available on the market.

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